Tahoe Blue Vodka
Tahoe Blue Vodka

Tahoe Blue Vodka

By Rebecca David

A few years ago, Matt Levitt was on vacation in Hawaii when he found himself in the aisles of a liquor store. Suddenly he had an epiphany that he knew would change his life and the palates of vodka connoisseurs forever … Tahoe Blue Vodka.

While the idea and the name came to him immediately, he was stumped on the process of reaching his vision. Levitt wanted Tahoe Blue Vodka to capture the essence and pure smoothness of beautiful Lake Tahoe but didn’t quite know how to get there. After visiting a few distilleries, he ventured to Mountain View, Calif., where he sensed he was in the right place because every bottle on their bar had a gold medal around it. Matt knew he had found his winner!

In order to truly express the originality of the lake, they worked together to create an innovative approach to making Tahoe Blue Vodka. Today, most vodkas are made from grain then distilled over and over again in an effort to eliminate that aftertaste or “bite.” But not Tahoe Blue Vodka. Instead, they use a unique blending style with various types of vodka including two parts sugar cane, one part grape, and one part corn — making it a gluten-free option. Each vodka type is distilled separately, blended together, and then distilled two more times.

They use quality ingredients every step of the way. Even the water in the distilling process is considered to be some of the best in the world. Collecting melted snow from the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the Hetch-Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park that is bottled to perfection.

This blended, gluten-free symbol of Lake Tahoe truly embodies the tastes and culture of the area. They’ve gone on to win some of the most prestigious spirits awards including victories at the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition and the San Francisco Spirits Competition. In 2013, they took first place at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in New York where they beat top players including Chopin and Belvedere for the title of “Best Unflavored Vodka in the World!”

As they continue to win competitions, Tahoe Blue Vodka is one of the best-selling vodkas in the Reno/Tahoe area. And this vodka gives back. With every bottle purchased a portion of the proceeds are donated to help preserve none other than Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Blue Vodka has a taste that you just can’t beat. Offered at many locations in the area, you have got to try it! One of my favorite quotes now is one Levitt recently said to me, “A good vodka is like a good pair of jeans, it goes with everything.”

So be sure to ask for this vodka as you enjoy a greyhound at your favorite bar. And, don’t forget to pick up a bottle, or two, for a great souvenir that celebrates all that is Lake Tahoe! Cheers!

To learn more or for a complete list of retailers who sell Thoe Blue Vodka, please visit tahoebluevodka.com.