Tahoe Blue Vodka teams up with Clean Up the Lake  

tahoe blue vodka
Tahoe Blue Vodka keeps its promises and donates $100,000 to Lake Tahoe clean up efforts with non-profit Clean Up The Lake

Lying beneath the surface of Lake Tahoe – that is known throughout the world for its famed clarity and brilliant blue waters – thousands of pounds of trash are breaking apart and impacting the lake’s aquatic habitats. 

And, as many vodka lovers know, the prized lake was also the original inspiration for the creation of Tahoe Blue Vodka which is now the fastest-growing vodka brand in Northern Nevada and Northern California.  

Launched in May 2021, and with the help of a scuba dive team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, an unprecedented effort is now underway to remove built-up trash.

To stay true to its brand promise to always give back, Tahoe Blue Vodka has stepped up to help make an extraordinary and massive clean-up effort happen around the entire 72-miles of Lake Tahoe.

Launched in May 2021, and with the help of a scuba dive team of dedicated professionals and volunteers, an unprecedented effort is now underway to remove built-up trash.

During previous recoveries, dive crews have removed tires, golf balls, sunglasses, towels, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, iPhones, boat anchors, pieces of boats and more from Lake Tahoe.

Ultimately, the unparalleled effort will help to maintain the water’s clarity for decades to come and for generations of families to enjoy.  

tahoe blue vodka
Tahoe Blue Vodka supports the massive clean up effort with Clean Up The Lake to remove trash and debris from beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Spearheaded by the non-profit Clean Up The Lake, the ambitious effort was funded by contributions raised by the Tahoe Fund from more than 135 businesses and people who donated to the cause.

The fundraising campaign was spurred by an initial and immediate $100,000 match offered by Tahoe Blue Vodka, the proud title sponsor for the clean-up effort.  

Vodka enthusiasts are clearly taking note and supporting the award-winning vodka by asking for the brand by name in restaurants, bars, and retail establishments. 

Above and beyond the amazing commitment to giving back, the vodka is unique as it is crafted from the very waters of the prized lake…which is why TAHOE BLUE TASTES BETTER. 

Tahoe Blue Vodka
Celebrate summer with a delicious cocktail made with Tahoe Blue Vodka!

For adults who wish to cheer on the clean-up effort in their homes, during backyard barbecues and/or while relaxing lakeside, a toast with Tahoe Blue Vodka’s Founder’s Favorite cocktail may be in order.

It’s simple, sensational and touts a touch of summer citrus. 

Founders Favorite Cocktail Recipe – Made with Tahoe Blue Vodka 


 - 1.5 ounces Tahoe Blue Vodka 

 - Soda Water 

 - 1 Orange Slice 


– Pour Tahoe Blue Vodka over ice 

– Top with soda water and give a quick stir 

– Garnish with an orange slice 

Many more delicious cocktail recipes are available on the Tahoe Blue Vodka website. These delicious concoctions are perfect for celebrations and/or to make any day special and spirited. To learn more about the brand or for a complete list of retailers that sell Tahoe Blue Vodka, please visit us online 

About Tahoe Blue Vodka 

Founded in 2012 by Matt Levitt, Tahoe Blue Vodka is inspired by and crafted with Lake Tahoe sourced water. Using a unique 3-vodka blend of grapes, corn and sugarcane, this expertly crafted spirit is gluten-free and known for its clean, crisp taste and smooth finish, giving consumers a taste of the Tahoe lifestyle year-round. Originally sold out of the back of Levitt’s car, the brand is now the fastest-growing vodka brand in California. Since its conception, the brand has won numerous spirit competition awards including a Gold Award in the SUNSET 2021 Inaugural Spirit Awards Program, a Double Gold Medal in the “Best Domestic Vodka” category by The Fifty Best in 2020 and a 2019 SUNSET International Spirits Competition Best of Class, and Gold Award. Through its parent company, Tahoe Spirits, Inc., Tahoe Blue Vodka has already donated over $100K of its proceeds to organizations that work to protect Lake Tahoe and its surrounding environment. For more information, visit www.tahoebluevodka.com. 

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