Delight your senses and expand your palate with Swiss dining in Reno Tahoe

By Natasha Bourlin 

Lake Tahoe has often been called the “American Alps.” When temperatures dip, much like the Swiss, Tahoe locals and visitors seek out sustenance that warms the body from inside out while tickling the tastebuds delightfully. So we’re here to say, try something new and opt for Swiss dining in Reno Tahoe.

Fiending for some fondue now? Let us allure you with these menu items inspired by the Swiss but offered regionally.   

Gastronomically speaking, almost nothing seems more Swiss than letting tasty edible tidbits swim in steaming, melted cheese or chocolate.

Fiending for some fondue now? Let us allure you with these menu items inspired by the Swiss but offered regionally.   

Swiss dining in Reno Tahoe
Liberty Food & Wine Exchange
Idle away your time    

At The Idle Hour in South Lake Tahoe, gaze at the cerulean lake and surrounding pines over an enticing pot of fondue for two.

Toasty French bread and fruit can be dipped into luscious, melted cheese while tasting several of their complimentary artisan wines.   

Down the hill in Reno, find flavorful fondue kits made to order at The Flavor Studio.

Fine Alpine cheeses curated with the help of the region’s “Queen Brie” Laura Conrow are blended to melting perfection.

All ingredients — including another key addition, Kirsch — are packaged with cooking instructions, cornichons and a French baguette.

Other dippable selections can be added on, such as sliced Jamon Iberico, steamed cauliflower, baby potatoes, apples, shrimp, meatballs and more. 

The Flavor Studio team has also selected several wines that pair impeccably with the fondue to take home for an additional cost.   

Swiss dining in Reno Tahoe
Dorinda’s Chocolates
Melty goodness 

Take a seat at Liberty Food and Wine Exchange in Downtown Reno, order one of their craft cocktails, beers or a glass of wine, and dip brioche pretzel twists and apples into a hearty pot of molten gruyere cheese blended with white wine.

Guests can also have fun experimenting with dipping some of Liberty’s other mouthwatering small plate items into the cheesy goodness too. Charcuterie dipped in gruyere? Yes, please!   

Cheese is glorious when melted … but so is chocolate. Visit Dorinda’s Chocolates for exquisite dark, milk or white chocolate callets, aka chips, ideal for melting into chocolate fondue.

Purchase Dorinda’s decadent, globally acclaimed Valrhona chocolate in quarter-pound increments to melt down into dessert, or heck, perhaps even breakfast, then decide what you think will be fabulous dripping in world-renowned chocolate.

Having a party? Call ahead and order the callets in bulk.   

Fine dining focus 

On Tahoe’s West Shore, a staple of fine cuisine has stood fast since 1920. In 1965, two immigrants from Switzerland took over the stately restaurant that featured a facade and interior fitting for both the Alps and Tahoe, dubbing it Swiss Lakewood   

Settle in amidst the alpine decor. Fondue is not the focus here, instead, they serve European delicacies ranging from a pristine rack of lamb and Wienerschnitzel to escargot and oysters Rockefeller.

Cap off the meal with a delicate, delicious Grand Marnier souffle and a visit to their new outdoor vodka garden.   

In Incline Village, La Fondue has specialized in the liquified Swiss delicacy for decades. The wood-laden interior and decor make guests feel as if they walked into a ski lodge in the Swiss Alps.

Fondues ranging from oil or broth hot pots to cook meat in, to idyllically blended cheeses ready for dipping, with silky liquid chocolate and an array of fruits, cake and marshmallows to cap off the meal.    

Sauces to dip meats into post-oil baths are also available, like their apple curry chutney or delicious aiolis.

Other lighter items are on the menu to balance the scrumptiously hearty meal. This is one place where you can get your fondue on for every course.   

Fondue your way through Reno/Tahoe this winter, taking in the extraordinary alpine surroundings with sweet and cheesy treats and a full belly.