BBQ Special at Fox and Hound
BBQ Special at Fox and Hound Restaurant n Lake Tahoe, NV

Stone, Wood and Exceptional Food at Fox and Hound

By Natasha Bourlin

In 1991, when Matt Grime parents opened the first iteration of Fox and Hound in South Lake Tahoe, it became a locals’ favorite watering hole. His father had been in the bar biz for more than 40 years and brought that expertise to his own establishment.

Eventually, Tahoe’s tastes evolved. With an influx of families moving into and visiting the area, the Grime family began experimenting with recipes to expand their offerings from simply libations to an array of Tahoe-friendly foods.

Owners noticed the lake’s distinct lack of barbecue. Trial and error revealed to their team a signature style of smoking and grilling meats over cherrywood that is now beloved to the region.

Fox and Hound’s refined technique infuses a less smoky, mouthwatering flavor to their menu items, such as the Smokehouse Pulled Pork and Tri-Tip. Creating their own housemade barbecue sauce and dry rubs add to the flavorful experience.

It’s won awards.

Fox and Hound’s barbecue grew in notoriety, with their specialty meats eventually making their way into multiple dishes like the Smokehouse Breakfast Burrito, Loaded Fries and Epic BBQ Mac.

Gleeful guests reveled in the culinary creativity.

Matt Grime took over the family business about 15 years ago. He retained the cozy, rustic feel of the place while continuing to update the space and improve customer experience.

Hey Matt, what’s your favorite item on the menu?

“It’s the tri-tip salad, it’s great for the summertime, a little bit lighter with our smoked tri tip on there. It’s a good one,” Grime shares.

With the rising popularity of their barbecue, a signature, award-winning bloody Mary was also crafted using the rub and sauce.

People flocked to imbibe on the savory concoction. They still do.

When the pandemic hit, Fox and Hound went above and beyond to keep their customers and team safe. What’s now mandated by health authorities was already being done since the eatery and bar re-opened in May 2020.

Some of the Fox and Hound’s most sought after items are found on their expansive breakfast menu. And, oh yes, they’re even better with that signature bloody Mary.

Alongside traditional American breakfast items are the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict, exceptional Huevos Rancheros and a French Toast Sandwich. Did we mention the Smokehouse Breakfast Burrito? Yes, we did, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s a must-try Tahoe dish.

Stone-oven pizzas are another addictive item. Sauces and doughs made in-house are topped with luscious, largely locally sourced ingredients. One of their newest pies is creating quite a stir: The Pit Boss BBQ Pizza, topped with a decadent variety of cheeses, veggies plus smoked chicken, pulled pork and elk sausage.

But wait, there’s more. A lot more …



Menu Burger at the Fox and Hound
Menu Burger at the Fox and Hound Restaurant in Lake Tahoe, NV


Hungry? Like reallllllly hungry? Head to Fox and Hound for their Menu Burger Challenge. Some of the best ideas are developed over beers, aren’t they?

“So, me and another buddy were having a couple of beers actually, and thought it up, and that’s how that happened,” Grime says. “We wanted to come up with a challenge, you don’t really see a whole lot of them up in Tahoe. We started with everything on there and kept going through the menu and saying, ‘this would be good on it too … ’ I personally have never tried to do it, no way, I know I can’t.”

We wanted to come up with a challenge, you don’t really see a whole lot of them up in Tahoe.

It’s a towering bacon cheeseburger topped with pepperoni pizza, BBQ pulled pork, fried eggs, a Philly cheesesteak, chili cheese garlic fries and more. If you eat it in 60 seconds or less, it’s free, and you also get a t-shirt, bragging rights, the honor of renaming the burger, and perhaps a bit — okay, a lot — of heartburn.

Currently it’s dubbed the “Oh no you sunk my battleship” burger, so named by Molly Schuyler who boasts the fastest time eating the delicious monstrosity: Three minutes and 22 seconds.


Night owls flock to Fox and Hound also because of their Late-Night Happy Hour from 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. About 90-percent of their drinks are just $4 during this time. No, it doesn’t include that snifter of Louis XIII.

Being on the Nevada side of South Lake, they offer gaming at the bar. Player’s Club members get to participate in lucrative promotions when they come in, including the current Gaming Stimulus Package promo.

From breakfast to the wee hours of the morning, a mountain of deliciousness awaits you at Fox and Hound, off Kingsbury Grade in Stateline. Visit Foxandhoundtahoe.com for more info.