Johnny Jeffery at Bently Heritage Distillery
Johnny Jeffery at Bently Heritage Distillery

By Kayla Carr

Johnny Jeffery, Bently Heritage’s Master Distiller, is a food chemist, sustainable agricultural enthusiast, and artful distiller — the perfect man for Bently Heritage’s farm-to-flask movement. Sourcing grains from their 6000-acre ranch in Minden, Jeffrey’s talent for turning the land’s bounty into aromatic gins, silky vodkas and barrel-aged whiskeys — all sustainably, of course — is well aligned.

Jeffrey wears a wide smile, rugged wide-brimmed hat and dark-framed glasses. Like a landscape artist who belongs painting under a seaside sunset, Jeffrey seems to belong on Bently Heritage’s high desert ranch. His canvas is an empty rocks glass that’s begging for a swirling of his new creation.

In March, current events forced the halt of liquor production. What do artists and makers do when their canvases are out of reach? If it were me, I’d opt to indulge in a glass of Sierra Nevada-sourced gin to smooth over these strange times. The Bently Heritage team realized  while we may have enough liquor to last for a while, the community was really in need of ways to stay healthy. So, Jeffrey and his team redirected their creative spirits from distilling liquor to distilling hand sanitizer. To date, they have donated over 4000 gallons of their Nevada-made hand sanitizer to the region’s law enforcement agencies, first responders and hospitals.

In a time like this, we need to love, reach out and take care of each other.

“We want to support our community. In the same way that Bently Heritage pulled together to do our part, it’s important for everyone in the community to pull together. In a time like this, we need to love, reach out and take care of each other.” Jeffrey says.

Bently Heritage’s products are still available for curbside pick-up, so spread the love and share a bottle of Jeffrey’s go-to sipper — their Alpine Gin, infused with eleven botanicals and pinecones foraged from Eastern Sierra pinõn pines. While you’re at it, toast to Jeffery and the rest of the team, who embody the resilient spirit of Nevada. bentlyheritage.com