Star Navigator Jaclyn Coleman
Star Navigator Jaclyn Coleman

By Jen Peng

When the COVID-19 shutdown first hit in March, Jaclyn Coleman, founder and owner of Muse Group creative marketing agency, knew she had to do something to help. She got together with Courtney Meredith, co-owner of Design on Edge, to brainstorm ways to help the community. From that, Reno Resilient was born.

Reno Resilient offers free online classes on a wide range of topics, from accounting and communications (taught by Coleman!) to cooking and jewelry making. Classes are created by local experts to help others in the community learn, connect and grow. The classes are all free, but donations are appreciated and go entirely to local charities.

The intended impact was three-fold: the community benefits from free classes; the coaches benefit from exposure and awareness; and, local charities benefit from donations.

Feedback from viewers in the community reveals just how needed and appreciated these classes are. Coaches have been able to sign on new clients, and some have even matched the donations from viewers, doubling the impact to charities.

Coleman believes strongly that, “In a time of crisis, you have to find a way to give back.” She adds, “If you can find a way to give back during this time and support your community, it’ll just come back.”

Coleman’s focus on the community instead of herself during a time of crisis is something I greatly respect. And her commitment extends beyond just Reno Resilient.

Recognizing that many of their clients, particularly non-profits, were hurting financially from the pandemic and shutdowns, Muse Group began donating some of their services. In particular, they provided free social media consults to help businesses reach their audiences online, critical in today’s uncertain and constantly changing times. The Muse team also volunteered with Delivering With Dignity to provide hot meals to Reno locals.

There’s just so much more that you can do, whether it’s donating your services, your time, even going out and just volunteering.

And that’s a point that Coleman wants to stress to those who want to help but don’t know how. “There’s just so much more that you can do, whether it’s donating your services, your time, even going out and just volunteering.”

Other ways to help? Visit renoresilient.com. Take a class, then make a donation or buy some swag if you can. Have some skills or interests you’d like to share? Become a coach and create a class for the community. Reno Resilient hopes to offer small, socially distanced, in-person classes in the coming months. What better way to help your community than taking a class, learning something new and making lasting connections? I know what I plan on doing this fall. musegroupmarketing.com