Beat the winter blues with immune-boosting, spirit-renewing spa treatments

By Kayla Carr

Sometimes we need to start fresh, especially if you haven’t had a haircut since last March, like this shameful writer. But I’ve accepted that I can’t hide my self-care lapses behind blurry Zoom streams forever.

This winter, I resolve to embrace my wellbeing and shine as bright as the sapphire Lake Tahoe. What better way to recenter than a spa day in the Sierra?

Whether situated near the sapphire Lake Tahoe, tucked away in the snowy mountains, or thriving in the Biggest Little City, Reno/Tahoe’s spas are dedicated to cleanliness and personal space. They even have special treatments tailored to boosting immunity and tackling “maskne.”

The Refuge Spa Couples Massage
The Refuge Spa Couples Massage
High desert healing

Find shelter from the storms of life (or just the winter snow) at The Refuge Spa. Located inside the Renaissance Reno, Refuge is where relaxation becomes edgy and empowering. Before your treatment, take a seat at the spa’s Rise Bar, plush robe and all, and enjoy a cocktail or health elixir.

Whether situated near the sapphire Lake Tahoe, tucked away in the snowy mountains, or thriving in the Biggest Little City, Reno/Tahoe’s spas are dedicated to cleanliness and personal space.

I suggest the adaptogenic Holy Shiitake Golden Latte. For your treatment, consider the Override facial, which targets skin irritated by masks. Or, try the zero-gravity Float Pod, combining salt, minerals, and water for a weightless, meditative experience. While lounging in the chamber, anything weighing you down will seem to just float away.

At the 21,000-square-foot Spa at Silver Legacy, you’ll feel immediately at ease in the serene space brimming with natural light. Looking to erase the worry lines caused by the stress of 2020? Try a Drunken Pumpkin facial, which combines pumpkin enzyme with spiced wine to naturally exfoliate your skin and help increase cell rejuvenation.

Pair the facial with a complimentary Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea Latte, and you’ll feel cozy, bright, and energized. To feel invigorated from head to toe, complement your facial with a Peppermint Pine Pedicure. The melted peppermint evergreen pine candle over your hardworking winter feet will leave you feeling utterly luxurious.

If you’re willing to try anything to combat COVID-19, consider visiting the Himalayan salt Halotherapy room at Pinnacle Wellness. Halotherapy is an alternative salt therapy treatment targeting the respiratory system. During the treatment, guests can lounge surrounded by glowing pink salt walls while breathing in the floating salt particles, thought to help clear the respiratory tract.

To absorb some immune-boosting Vitamin D this winter, try relaxing in Pinnacle Wellness’ Vitamin D Bed. It’ll leave you feeling kissed by the sun and warmed to your core without the harmful effects of traditional tanning beds.

Spa at Rancharrah
Spa at Rancharrah

Feel like life is spinning out of control? Get grounded with a River Stone healing massage at the Spa at Rancharrah. The treatment uses hot stones and essential oils bursting with antioxidants. A high desert oasis, the spa (located inside the Club at Rancharrah) sits on 141 acres of historic ranchland, once owned by casino magnate Bill Harrah.

At the sanctuary that is the Peppermill Reno’s Spa Toscana, receive a treatment tailored to your Dosha. Based on the ancient eastern healing practice of Ayurveda, one’s Dosha is the unique combination of elements that make up an individual.

Choose from the spa’s menu of Ayurvedic Wellness Rituals, and you’ll feel aligned with your environment, body, mind and spirit. You might also opt for their Face Mask Recovery Facial to nourish winter skin irritated by wearing a mask.

Lakeside luxe

At South Lake Tahoe’s lakeside Edgewood Resort, try a touchless spa treatment while absorbing the healing energy from the bright blue winter lake. Connect inwardly with a touchless Reiki Energy Healing session. Or, unwind with a therapist-led, self-administered Hypervolt massage, which uses a deep tissue massage device to alleviate sore muscles. By the end, you’ll feel as serene as the sapphire lake lapping on Edgewood’s private beach.

For a romantic winter spa date, opt for the intimate, lakeside The Landing Resort in South Lake Tahoe, slated to reopen this January. After a chilly day of adrenaline-inducing skiing, get steamy with a couple’s massage on the spa’s heated massage tables.

Edgewood Tahoe
Edgewood Tahoe Resort
Alpine unwind

At Montbleu’s Onsen Spa, you can pair a day at the spa with a night on the town. Start by pampering yourself with a facial and body treatment, then move on to primping with a mani-pedi, hair styling session, and makeup application. By the time your spa day comes to an end, you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Tucked away in the trees, BioSpirit Day Spa in South Lake Tahoe offers a CBD and Shea Butter Body Wrap to cocoon yourself in after a chilly morning on the slopes. You can even add in essential oils to nourish your body and strengthen your immune system. If you pair the body wrap with one of their signature massages, you’ll be loose, limber, and ready to swish down the slopes the next morning.

At the slope-side Spa at Squaw Creek, you’ll be transported to alpine opulence. Try a Swedish massage with a blend of eucalyptus and arnica oils and breathe in all the forest-scented goodness. After, let your lips soak up a Lip Hydrations treatment. Then, sip on a hot toddy while watching the snowfall from the resort’s panoramic windows — well that’s what I would do anyway.

Whatever the weather may throw at you will be no match for the stylists at Imagine Salon in South Lake Tahoe. After they work their magic on your hair and makeup, you’ll be the envy of all ski bunnies and snow bros.

Just because life is unpredictable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a massage. Quite the opposite. So instead of worrying about what’s next this winter, try practicing some self-care by pampering yourself to your heart’s desire in Reno/Tahoe. (In the meantime, I promise to tame my unruly mane.)


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