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Influencing the Influencers

A peek at places that have social media abuzz. By Heidi Bethel Instaworthy spots abound in the Sierra. Whether you’re looking for a great vantage point to shoot a Tik Tok video or want a quick photo to post alongside your Facebook status, Reno/Tahoe has some amazing views that are sure to get you more followers.

The Spa at Silver Legacy FireLounge
Knot A Problem

Relax and unwind with signature massage experiences in Reno/Tahoe. By Annie Flanzraich. Being a freelance writer is not the glamorous gig that movies and TV shows make it out to be. Rather than lounging in Louboutins while dreamily perfecting prose, my life more resembles that gif of a cat slamming its paws on a keyboard.

Elevate Wellness
Fall Into Wellness

Treatments to have you feeling fresh and renewed. By Annie Flanzraich. With leaves that shift from greens to browns and colder temperatures that abound, it’s fall and changes are all around. But, Mother Nature shouldn’t be the only one who gets to turn over a new, or old, leaf.

Essential Botanicals

Nothing quite beats the calming, yet equally invigorating, aroma of a vibrant flowers basking in the sun’s rays. With plants sprouting and flowers in full bloom in the Sierra, here’s a look at everything essential oils including where you can see the plants being grown, places that bottle locally and some artists doing fun things with botanicals.

Imagine Salon
Spring Pampering

FRESHEN UP WITH THESE TREATMENTS FROM YOUR NOSE TO YOUR TOES. By Annie Flanzraich. It’s time for spring cleaning — but that doesn’t have to mean all vacuuming and dusting and no fun. After you’ve finished Kondoing your drawers and perfecting a vertical fold, take some time to pamper yourself and refresh with a treatment at some local day spas and salons.