Todd Poth

Todd Poth

Position: Owner

Todd is very proud to be from Ohio. But he also likes to point out that sometimes the “from” is the important part. After first exploring the world as an exchange student to Germany, Todd attended and then graduated from Ohio State University in 1995 with a double major in chemistry and German. He immediately took some time to travel the world, determined to set his degrees aside for a bit. He spent nearly seven years of living outside the United States and working an eclectic group of jobs with titles including dive guide, lumberjack, hostel manager, kiwi fruit picker, and bartender. In 2002, after years of traveling that world, Todd came to Tahoe and has never left (with the exception of a fun vacation, or two). He loves the outdoors and making sure other visitors enjoy the area as much as he does. From tour guide to concierge to publisher of the largest IN-ROOM magazine in the Reno/Tahoe area, his choice of careers demonstrates his passion for the Sierra. Now with three young kids, he’s busier than ever, but still dedicated to the tourist lifestyle.

A quote to live by:

Live every day to the fullest.