Boba Teas in Lake Tahoe now offered daytime at Inhale by Xhale, a popular nighttime hotspot.

By Natasha Bourlin 
boba teas in Lake Tahoe
Refreshing boba teas at Inhale by Xhale

It may seem foreign to head into a hookah bar during daylight, but now Xhale Bar and Lounge transforms into Inhale while the sun is out, serving exotic, non-alcoholic beverages such as boba teas in Lake Tahoe. Breathe in as you emerge into Inhale’s basement locale, which morphs into one of the most sizzling spots for adults in South Lake come 9 p.m.   

Focus on the menu of delectable, refreshing drinks. Are your tastebuds calling for a Vanilla Bean Milk Tea, a Passion Fruit Snow or perhaps a Lychee Slushie? So many options…  

You decide to try one of the Boba Milk Teas that Inhale has introduced to Tahoe. Boba tea, or bubble tea, is a beverage originating from Taiwan. Using a tea base, tapioca balls in various textures such as crunchy crystal boba and popping boba float amidst a flavorful, potable potion.   

Your decision is made. One decadent taro-flavored drink coming up.   

boba teas in Lake Tahoe
A variety of delicious alcohol-free drinks awaits your choice at Inhale.
Experiencing the Exotic 

Owner of both Inhale and Xhale Sunny Patel understands flavor combinations. A graduate of illustrious cooking school LE CORDON BLEU®, Patel opened and worked in several restaurants in San Diego, serving in multiple capacities including as head chef.  

After relocating to Tahoe in 2014, Patel opened Xhale Bar and Lounge at Stateline, the first dedicated hookah bar experience in Tahoe. Within the basement watering hole, he gives guests a glimpse into an exotic world where one can transform into the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland with the newest spirits and carefully crafted libations in hand.   

Xhale is a venue for South Lake’s renowned, late-night after-parties and frequently features DJs spinning smokin’ hot tunes well into the wee hours. 

Xhale, a nighttime hotspot and hookah bar in Lake Tahoe

He seeks out the hottest liquor trends, those that aren’t found anywhere else in Tahoe then brings them back to his bar to create custom cocktails. Their green tea shots with a kick of Jameson and peach schnapps are especially popular.   

Inhale offers up a cornucopia of beverage and flavor options which can be topped with add-ons like mango popping boba, honey boba, or flavored jellies, which are rectangular slices of gelatin-like fruit or coffee placed in the concoctions.   

A world traveler looking to diversify his business, Patel decided to share one of his favorite finds, boba teas, with locals and visitors. Inhale was opened for people wanting something different in a cozy, eclectic environment during the daytime.   

Now bubble lovers can indulge on those formed with tapioca then placed in tea and mouthwatering flavorings at Inhale, then shift to the effervescent alcoholic option once it transforms into Xhale at night. If a mid-day pick-me-up is needed, order a Ratchet Tea, or a boba with a bit of booze.   

Yet one does not need to be over 21 to enjoy the new Inhale.  

boba teas in Lake Tahoe
Indulge in the delicious! Order your boba teas today and sip lakeside.
Flavor Frenzy 

Inhale offers a cornucopia of beverage and flavor options that can be topped with add-ons like mango popping boba, honey boba, or flavored jellies, which are rectangular slices of gelatin-like fruit or coffee.

The deliciously explosive marbles and jellies in the drinks are “very chewy, like honey,” Patel says, and, combined with the flavored creations they float in “just go together.” Beverage selections infuse both taste and texture. You can order an icy or slushy, snow or smoothie along with the beloved milk teas, all with myriad flavor options available.    

boba teas in Lake Tahoe
Quench your summer thirst with a tasty boba tea from Inhale.

Harkening back to his days as a chef, Patel is excited to develop a food menu for both Inhale and Xhale. While it’s still in the works, he hopes to offer items such as Asian street foods, mochi doughnuts and more.   

DoorDash and Uber Eats will deliver Inhale’s drinks to your door, if in the South Lake Tahoe area, so leaving home isn’t even necessary to revel in the tantalizing flavors. 

Though you may want to escape to the comfortable, lounge-style basement decked out with eclectic décor Inhale calls home. Step into the exotic realm of boba teas in Lake Tahoe at Inhale between noon and 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Hang out … it will soon transform into your nighttime fave, Xhale. 

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