Did you know that hope is teachable?

Hopeful Cities
Hopeful Cities

By becoming the first-ever Hopeful City in the world, Reno is showing its commitment to operationalizing hope and providing hope resources to every single resident.

The goals of the Hopeful Cities movement are to provide resources for residents, introduce the Five Keys to Hope, and give everyone the skills to manage the stressors associated with current events. There is always a way from hopelessness to hope.

Why Hope?

We often use the words “hope” and “wish” interchangeably. However, hope is not the same as a wish. A wish is a longing for something outside your control, while hope is both a feeling and an action; hope is the desire for something and the steps taken to reach it.

There is always a way from hopelessness to hope.

Research shows that hope positively impacts nearly every aspect of your life, including work and academic accomplishments, extracurricular achievements, resilience and health. An absence of hope, or hopelessness, can lead to many adverse life outcomes, including addiction, accidents, violence, anxiety, depression and even suicide.

Hope and hopelessness are both learned behaviors. This means with hope skills, as well as an understanding of how to move from hopelessness to hope, there is always a way to return to a hopeful mindset.

So the question is not, “Why hope?” but rather, “How do I create, maintain and grow hope?”

Hopeful Cities
Hopeful Cities
Hopeful Cities and the “How-to” of Hope

Hopeful Cities has taken a multi-faceted approach to hope, with numerous initiatives working in tandem to ensure hope is available to all. The initiatives being implemented in the City of Reno can be found at HopefulCities.org.

Some of the most significant projects include:

  • 30-Day Global Hope Challenge: 30 Days. 30 Actions. 30 Lessons. The 30-Day Global Hope Challenge is a free course dedicated to helping you develop skills you need to create, maintain and grow hope in your life.
  • Workplace Campaign: An increase in hope in the workplace decreases the number of personal days taken while increasing work efficiency and success. The Hopeful Cities workplace campaign encourages businesses to implement hopeful practices in the workplace.
  • Raising Awareness: Hopeful Cities raises awareness about the importance of hope through social media campaigns, PSAs, billboards, yard signs, artwork and sunflower gardens for hope.
  • Teaching Hope in the Classroom: The Hopeful Cities campaign was created based on the Hopeful Minds curriculums. The newly updated curriculums aim to equip parents, teachers and students with critical hope skills.
  • Identifying Resources for Support: This Hopeful Cities campaign includes a Reno-specific landing page with a list of resources in the city and access to free Talkspace for all Reno residents in 2021.

Hope is a collective effort. We MUST work together to teach the “how-to” of hope. Never has there been a time more critical than now. No matter how hopeless things may seem, hope is always teachable and reachable. Join the Hopeful Cities movement and aspire to hope in 2021.

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