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The Brewer’s Cabinet Tap Room (Jeff Dow)
Tap Me In

A lineup of favorite free-flowing beverages in Reno/Tahoe. By Rae Matthews, Elevation Eats. Welcome to the draft, though this is not every college athlete’s dream, I’m referring to some tasty draught drinks right here in the Sierra. Beverages from the tap, of course, started with beer, and date back as far as the 17th century (possibly further). Originally, the beer was in wooden casks and gravity was the primary mode of conveyance.

Soup & Sammy

Soup & Sammy. By Heidi Bethel. There’s nothing quite like the almighty soup and sammy combo. I’ve been known to enjoy the tasty duo for any meal of the day and there are a whole slew of great spots in Reno/Tahoe. Let’s take a quick look at some of my favorites around town.

Fox and Hound
BBQ – Up In Smoke

A savory taste of Southern barbecue in the Sierra. By Rae Matthews, Elevation Eats. Southern barbecue has a long and proud tradition. There are several styles of Southern barbecue, each named for their region of origin, that garner as much loyalty and rivalry as professional baseball teams. You may want to avoid putting a Carolina sauce on a brisket in Texas, for example. But thankfully, food traditions migrate. Here in the Sierra, you can sample all the Southern flavors right at your fingertips (or, should we say on your fingertips?).

Zephyr Cove Restaurant
Do We Do Breakfast or Do We Do Brunch?

The most important question of the morning while vacationing at the lake. By Rae Matthews, Elevation Eats. Breakfast and brunch may seem synonymous but choosing between them will, in fact, determine the course of the rest of your day. And when you’re on vacation here at Lake Tahoe, with so much to see and do, this is a crucial decision.

Get Toated
Get Toasted

Get Toasted. A guide to tasty toasty treats in Reno/Tahoe. By Rae & Troy Matthews Elevation Eats. Nothing says Millennial like avocado toast. Whether you love, hate or happen to be a Millennial (guilty!), there is a reason that avocado toast is everywhere. It’s a simple, yet highly customizable and delicious, strangely healthy, open-faced sandwich featuring California’s favorite fruit (yes, avocado is fruit).

Budget-Friendly Frills

Entertainment aplenty that won’t break the bank in the Sierra. By Jason Lopez Whether you want to catch an open mic night, do a little dancing or enjoy the arts, Reno/Tahoe is a mecca for inexpensive entertainment. Here are a few of my favorites you should definitely checkout!

Fox and Hound Bloody Mary (Jeramie Lu)
Celery Sticks and Hangover Tricks

Find the best bloody marys in Reno/Tahoe! By Britton Griffith. The leaves are falling, football season is starting and crisp autumn nights are making for perfect memories. Sometimes my favorite season has late nights that lead to mornings with me craving a cold, spicy, tall glass of the best kind of hair of the dog … bloody marys!

Reuben You the Right Way

Satisfy that craving for rye this fall in the Sierra. By Troy Matthews, Elevation Eats. One of the most classic old school deli favorites is the almighty Reuben.

Tray of Woodys Over Water
Sip Your Way Through Summer

Cool off with some of Tahoe’s top cocktails. By Natasha Bourlin. Summer’s hot sun often ushers a desire for ice-cold cocktails. Mercifully, there’s no shortage of exceptional summertime libations around Lake Tahoe. Sip your way around the lake with these creative drinkable concoctions.

Cheese Board
Wheying The Options

Where to find the best cheese in the Sierra. By Troy Matthews, Elevation Eats. Scientists say cheese is an addicting substance. At Elevation Eats, we don’t condone drug use, so cheese may be our next best bet. The beauty of cheese is its simplicity while remaining enormously complex in texture and flavor.