girl with slime

By Patrick Turner 

Matter Splatter invites visitors of all ages to take matter into their own hands. In this inventive, hands-on exhibition coming to The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, visitors can explore the materials used to produce some of the most advanced technology in existence today. In this exciting exhibition, visitors learn about topics such as:


Investigate natural materials and see how they have inspired creative solutions to everyday challenges. View human-made materials through a microscope and compare them to natural materials.


Experiment with a variety of materials, including liquids and solids, and see which have the most conductive properties or generate the most resistance/heat.

Elastic Collisions

Bounce a steel ball bearing on a variety of materials to see which returns more energy to the ball.

Ferro Fluids

Use magnets to interact with ferro fluid, a liquid that contains fine metal particles, to see spikey magnetic fields.

Non-Newtonian Fluid

The oozing centerpiece of this exhibition gives visitors the chance to get hands-on with slime.


Compare the densities of various liquids by observing non-mixing liquids of different colors and densities within a clear cylinder.

Whether you want to dig deep into the field of material science or just play with ooey gooey slime, this exhibition focuses on what matters most … learning and fun! Matter Splatter opens at The Discovery on May 16, 2020 and will be on exhibit through mid-September. For more information, visit nvdm.org