Scenic views and epic memories: Clear Kayaking Tahoe’s Blue Water 

BY: Parker Alexander – Tahoe Heartbeat 
clear kayaking Tahoe's blue water
Kayaking Tahoe’s blue water with Clearly Tahoe kayak tours

Imagine a picture-perfect, glassy Tahoe morning. It’s 7 a.m. and we’re on our way to Incline Village to meet up with Clearly Tahoe for our first ever adventure – clear kayaking Tahoe’s blue waters. We couldn’t be more excited!

My wife, Ali, has wanted a clear kayak for several years, and now we finally get to try them. We booked the Bonsai Rock tour, launching out of Sand Harbor on the pristine east shore of Lake Tahoe. Let the adventure begin! 

We eagerly arrive at the Clearly Tahoe shop. We’re instantly greeted by the friendly staff and then briefed on our day. After grabbing life vests, and a waterproof bag for our belongings, we jump in the shuttle and are on our way to Sand Harbor beach. It’s a quick eight-minute drive from the shop.   

As we pull away from the beach, we can’t help but notice how truly clear the water is. It is spectacular. The sun is still rising behind the mountains, and we’re about to be graced by its first light.

When we arrive, the beach is completely empty, not a person in sight. The blissful peace of a Tahoe morning is upon us. The air is crisp, the water is glass, and the birds are singing to brighten the day. And now it’s time to get kayaking!

Our tour guide, Jeff, is there to give instructions in the best kind of way. He is as charismatic as you can possibly be, cracking jokes, being playful, and making it fun and enjoyable from the start. We absolutely love this! Ali and I get in our clear kayak, push out onto the water, and we’re off!   

clear kayaking Tahoe's blue water
Clear kayaking through the water

As we pull away from the beach, we can’t help but notice how truly clear the water is. It is spectacular. The sun is still rising behind the mountains, and we’re about to be graced by its first light. Mornings in Tahoe can be a little cold, so we are anxiously awaiting the warm sun to kiss our skin.

The sun not only warms the air, but when it shines through the water you can see the clearest. The water’s colors are incredible! Any shade of blue and green you could ever imagine, you simply have to see it first hand. We’re now on our way to the iconic Bonsai Rock!  

Bonsai Rock is about a half-mile south of Sand Harbor, but there isn’t any parking, so experiencing this spot by clear kayak is truly the perfect way. Surrounded by water, it’s just off the rocky shores of Lake Tahoe. It stands about ten feet out of the water and is well known for the trees growing from the top. Nature is amazing!

We have a wonderful time paddling around Bonsai, and all over the surrounding shoreline. This is, by far, one of the most picturesque parts of Tahoe.  Clear kayaking here genuinely blew our expectations out of the water, no pun intended!  

clear kayaking Tahoe's blue water

These clear kayaks are a dream activity to experience on Lake Tahoe, and Clearly Tahoe made it perfectly magical. The process was easy and fun from start to finish. We had the most peaceful, majestic morning we could ever dream of clear kayaking Tahoe’s blue water.

Now it’s official, Ali wants a clear kayak, and we will surely be doing more tours with Clearly Tahoe, as well as highly recommending them to all our friends.  

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