Bocce in Reno featuring indoor and outdoor bocce courts, classic arcade games, delicious food, and cocktail menu worth exploring. 

By Hayli Nicole 

bocce in Reno

The blue glow of the Bundox Bocce sign beckoned us upon arrival in downtown Reno. As we parked in the available lot adjacent to Renaissance Hotel, our excitement swelled seeing the regulation-size bocce courts with fire pits and string lights illuminating the outdoor patio.

Stepping through the massive green entry, my inner child squealed, seeing skeeball, shuffleboard and bocce all in the same place.  

Entranced by the bold interior colors, I found myself asking, how did this Italian classic find its way to Reno? And more importantly, what on earth is a bundox? 

Bundox (pronounced boondocks for those in the know) has as unique of history as it does elements of fun. The name pays homage to the owners of Bundox Restaurant — Bud and Cebe Loomis — which served as ground zero for the movers and shakers of the 1950s and 1960s.

I was fortunate to get a small tour of the space from Karl, also known as the Pharmacist. As we toured the Tullo and the Nando private rooms, he spoke with great pride about the bar menu, featuring local spirits and craft cocktails inspired by employee contributions. 

bocce in reno

I’ll admit, the bocce blue balls remains the best-selling cocktail,” Karl shared. 

We asked our server if she could craft a special mocktail to celebrate our friend’s one-year soberversary. The flavors were just as skillfully balanced as the cocktail menu’s offerings, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice enjoyment of the drink menu if you no longer imbibe. 

The utter rarity of finding both gluten-free pizza crust and vegan cheese in the same place meant pizzas all around. We set our hearts on the BBQ brisket pizza at our server’s recommendation, as well as the chicken and pesto with pine nuts and garlic.

If you’re feeling adventurous, their notorious Irish nachos are built on a bed of tater tots with minced corned beef and other delicious fixings. They also have some of the best calamari in Reno. 

As much as we enjoyed every morsel of food and drink, my friends and I came to dominate each other at bocce. The rules are straightforward enough, but they are prominently featured on the center wall and available at every game table just in case.

We were excited to learn during the renovation of the space, specialists from Italy flew in to design the bocce courts and the scorekeeping systems. 

bocce in reno

Our game minutes melted into guttural laughter; it was hard to accept the end of the night fast approaching. It’s easy to spend a few hours at Bundox with everything they offer.

Part of the group played arcade classics while I enjoyed the sound of skeeball thumping up the ramp and landing into the pockets. We even hopped into the photo booth to commemorate one of the best nights of play we’ve experienced in quite some time. 

Bundox Bocce provides the kind of entertainment that caters to every social scenario. Whether traveling for business, hosting a company party, planning a wedding reception, or searching for family-focused fun, Bundox is an unexpected source of joy for every age and interest of travelers.

They even transform the space after 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays to a late-night hub featuring local DJs. Not even a few days later and I’m already dreaming of having a long drink at the longest bar in northern Nevada. 

Where to Go for Bocce in Reno:

Bundox Bocce
One South Lake Street
Reno, NV 89501

Where to Find Them:

Facebook: @bundoxbocce
Twitter: @bundoxbocce
Instagram: @bundoxbocce 

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