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Let us navigate your next adventure. Through a variety of mediums and interactive digital channels, Getaway introduces travelers to all of the places and experiences they will want to share with friends and family back home.

Getaway Reno / Tahoe Winter 2021

Brand Promise

Our promise is to become the trusted local friend to visitors. Through our content, we align with partners that provide an exceptional experience to the visitor. We strive to highlight the best of the best, in a positive and unbiased manner throughout our channels. Our endorsement is fully reviewed by our locally based staff, sharing their first-hand knowledge with our fans and followers.

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Why should your business advertise to tourists?

Here are the top reasons:

During their stay, tourists:

  • Are actively looking for new things and places to try, versus locals who are driven by routine and word of mouth.
  • Must go out and eat at least two meals per day, versus locals who can cook at home.
  • Are able and looking for recreational and entertainment-based activities daily, versus locals who are working and have limited time.
  • Spend money freely on experiences while they are in town, versus locals who are saving for a vacation somewhere else.
  • Are hard to reach through traditional local media such as television, radio and newspaper advertising, versus locals who routinely pick up or tune in to one of these mediums.

Did You Know?

Reno Visitors Spend



Tahoe Visitors Spend



Average Stay

3.3 DAYS

Including Day Travelers


of visitors to Reno also visit
Lake Tahoe during their stay


of people who visit Tahoe come
for vacation time, recreation,
entertainment and shopping


of people who visit Reno come
for vacation time, recreation,
entertainment and shopping

*Stats from 2015 RSCVA and 2015/2016
Lake Tahoe Visitors Profile Studies

The top leisure activities for travelers:


“We’ve been working with Getaway for at least seven years now. They continue to grow and expand their brand with current and cutting-edge media strategies. We love what they bring to the table, love the product they offer, and appreciate the attention to detail they give each and every one of their clients.”

Vanessa Santora
Director of Operations & Marketing
Camp Richardson Resort

Vanessa Santora

“Getaway Reno/Tahoe is a superb way to reach our visitors. The magazine is an engaging reference and the additional media offered by Getaway helps complete the messaging, making visitors aware of the many amazing things to do in our region.“

Patrick Turner
Marketing & Communications Director
The Discovery

Patrick Turner

“Getaway Reno/Tahoe magazine captures everything that someone visiting or new to the area needs to know. Suggestions from where to eat, what to do, and where the fun is happening are all covered in this magazine! Stay caught up on what’s new and what areas to explore with the most recent issue, which are all catered to you by season!“

Manuel Sanchez
Director of Room Operations
Marriott’s Grand Residence Club

Manuel Sanchez

“I’m a big fan of Getaway Reno/Tahoe for advertising to out-of-town guests. They’ve got the best visibility and room presence in the area, and I’ve seen direct results from my exposure there.”

Matt Levitt
Tahoe Blue Vodka

Matt Levitt