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Colin West Founder of Clean Up The Lake
Star Navigator Colin West

Star Navigator Colin West
By Natasha Bourlin
Colin West went from creating multiple television shows on wine to eradicating waste from Lake Tahoe. Quite the career leap.
Working on film projects helped him form a nonprofit incorporating his production skills into a Tahoe-wide effort to remove trash from the lake. The nonprofit Clean Up the Lake was born.

M.S. Dixie II | RenoTahoePhotographer_©MarcelloRostagni2020
Outdoor Adventuring in the Sierra

Options abound to get outside, safely. By Heidi Bethel  Calling all outdoor enthusiasts. From desert…

Enjoying a daytime date / photo by ©MarcelloRostagni2020
Date Away in Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe

Enjoy romantic outings around the Sierra By Heidi Bethel The Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe…

Colin West Founder of Clean Up The Lake
The Great Pandemic Pivot

Extraordinary people conquering extraordinary times.
By Natasha Bourlin
Many people and businesses have suffered during the pandemic, but many others have strived toward new goals while positively affecting others. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, stories abound of organizations that have pivoted as gracefully as a ballet dancer towards new ways to serve their community, and even save their businesses. Inspiring people instilling new tactics relevant to the times to pursue their goals. Like these four forward-thinking folks.

Sierra Safely
Kids Day on the Sierra Safely Trail

By Heidi Bethel 
If your children are anything like my two, you could say we’ve started going a bit stir crazy with all the at-home togetherness. My mom brain is about spent coming up with special projects and creative snack options. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a change of scenery to inject some enthusiasm into those sweet little faces. And, I know the absolutely perfect places, no matter their ages … Get ready to spend a great day or two exploring the Sierra Safely Trail where you can get some safe adventuring with the kiddos in at Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe.

Carson Valley Golf Course (Sierra Safely)
Great Outdoor Escapades

By Natasha Bourlin
Adventures are grand throughout Nevada’s Douglas County. Encompassing the expansive, exquisite Carson Valley and Tahoe’s Nevada side, this area has so much to offer in the outdoor realm.
Have you ever skied, played golf, then got out on the water in one weekend, or even a single day? Here, you can.
Stunning, vast outdoor expanses teeming with wildlife beckon visitors to Sierra Safely. Countless trails invite exploration. Lake Tahoe’s glistening waters are ripe for excursions, and year-round golf courses tempt those seeking to perfect their swing.

Lake Tahoe Campground Airstream Zephyr Cove Resort
Unusual Area Accommodations in Reno/Tahoe

From historic to sky high, visit the region’s most out-of-the-box lodging options Written by Natasha…

Nevada Day Parade (Visit Carson City)
Since Time Began

Explore the Native American impact on Reno/Tahoe.
By Annie Flanzraich
For the past 10,000 years, indigenous people have inhabited the Great Basin area and shaped its history and culture. In the Reno/Tahoe region, the Washoe and Northern Paiute tribes are an active and integral part of the community.

Sierra Safely Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe
Go Back in Time in Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe

(The following Article is written for when we CAN travel again and inspirational purposes. Plan…

Edgewood in the winter
Good Energy In, Good Energy Out

Check out these businesses that went green to lower their impact.
By Annie Flanzraich
It’s hard to feel good having fun while enjoying the natural beauty of the Reno/Tahoe region when you start thinking about how your actions may impact the environment. Luckily, there are many businesses in the area that are either powered by renewable energy or are trying to lower their ecological impact.