Explore the Riverwalk District’s water park, food, and arts scene: A fun family adventure in Reno

By Jessica Houk 

family adventure in Reno

Want to make memories and visit a great location that has something for the entire family? The Riverwalk District in downtown is the perfect family adventure in Reno.

A few weeks ago when we had a free day while visiting family in the area, I took my kids and it was the splashiest, happiest, possibly most chill family adventure I’ve had so far this summer.  

After finally finding parking off Court Street, we made our way toward the water. My three preschool-aged children were mesmerized by two kayakers rolling their crafts.

Disappearing under the water for what felt like minutes, only to pop up in their safety helmets to catch their breath, and barrel roll again. 

The city constructed this destination whitewater park and slalom course for kayakers and water enthusiasts in 2003.  On any given day you can find new and experienced users testing their abilities in the cool water.  

family adventure in Reno

As busy as the park was, we managed to find a little sandy spot to toss out our beach blanket. After donning lifejackets, my eager children began splashing around the calmer cove waters next to the rushing river.  

It’s a beautiful area, driving by you only see a glimmer. Dip your toes in and you’ll find memories.  

I have been to The Eddy once before and promised myself I’d come back the next time I was in town. It is absolutely the most inviting space for families. The community space is built from stacked 20-foot shipping containers that circle picnic tables, complete with a green space for yard games. 

It’s fun. It’s diverse. It has food trucks. We were pleasantly greeted by a golden retriever and a water mister as we walked in, two of my most favorite things on a summer day. While my husband headed to the bar.

I began a precarious game of life-size Jenga with my three-year-old.  He lost (or won) when he shoved the four-foot-tall structure over. My husband arrived moments later with a purple drink for me, which I later learned is a specialty gin drink called the Dark Crystal, and a draught beer for him. 

We decided on pepperoni pizza from Firetrail Pizza to satisfy our growing hunger. Food devoured and thirst quenched, we headed to our last destination for the day.  

It’s hard to spend a day in the heart of Reno without experiencing the diverse local art. The Eddy is covered in murals, sculptures line the streets, and a block to the east at 17 S. Virginia St., sits the Sierra Arts Foundation

The nonprofit’s goal is to educate and support local artists. The gallery is free to the public and changes the art on display monthly, or sooner.  

We were treated to “UnchARTed Waters,” the collaborative works of the Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada. Even my small and, by this time sluggish children were drawn to the vibrant colors adorning the canvas.  

It was time to call it a day.  The weather was hot, the day was a success. As we made our way to the car, I was grateful we could experience so much in a few short blocks.

We ate well and played well.  Now it’s your turn to bring your family for the food, the art and to splash around.  

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