Enjoy an afternoon in downtown Reno.

By Meghan Burk

Exploring the Reno Riverwalk was of my first outings with friends outside of my “quaran-team,” as restaurants and store fronts are fully open again. It was exciting … yet a surprisingly surreal feeling, especially after this past year.

Our meeting spot was at the Virginia Street Bridge, a historically iconic marker in the Reno Riverwalk District, known as the “Wedding Ring Bridge,” where newly divorced women would cast their farewell wishes and rings to the Truckee river. But we weren’t there for the history; we’re there for happy hour.

Riverside in Reno

Adjacent to the bridge sits Wild River Grille, our favorite spot for the happiest of hours. The quaint umbrellaed patio was already bustling with friendly chatter and clinking glasses. It’s a great spot to bring your pup, too. Pet lovers can even enjoy “Dinner with their Dog” every Monday in May to support the SPCA of Northern Nevada. So, I don’t have a dog, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the puppy love from neighboring tables.

Wild River Grille - Reno Riverwalk District
Wild River Grille – Reno Riverwalk District

Famished from the day, we were quick to order three specialty items, including the caprese bruschetta with roasted tomatoes, the crab and salmon cakes, the tropical tuna tartare PLUS an urgent round of martinis. Not forgetting Ashley’s furry friend, Carter, our masked server had a nice doggy bowl of water ready. Order up! The flavors were fabulous — fresh, bold and delicious, just how I remembered it. We toasted our final sip to being together again and were ready for our next adventure.

Reno’s New Wheels

Happily fueled, we waved down a Pineapple Pedicab, Reno’s adorable and newest set of wheels that will always be cranking the good vibe tunes! Trust me, you’ll love this. Leave your car in that hard-to-find parking spot and roll in style through the Biggest Little City. The delightful tour was a quick 15-minute ride through downtown Reno, the Riverwalk and Wingfield Park.

Pineapple Pedicab - Reno Riverwalk District
Pineapple Pedicab – Reno Riverwalk District

I forgot how beautiful the Riverwalk is during spring – with pink blossoming Robinson Crabapple trees lining the sidewalks, next to the fresh flowing Truckee River. Along the way, I even saw new murals and art features that have gone unnoticed, as my eyes are usually on the road.

The Cherry on Top

As if this last experience wasn’t already the cherry on top, our pedicab dropped us off at Rolled Mountain Creamery. Every afternoon should end with ice cream. Inspired by the by the street vendors in Thailand, these hand-crafted ice cream treats are all made to order. My go to is always a mint-chocolate combo, so Aimee’s Grasshopper blend with crushed Oreos was at the top of my list. This fun-to-watch creation was rolled to perfection.

Rolled Mountain Creamery - Reno Riverwalk District
Rolled Mountain Creamery – Reno Riverwalk District

Every bite will taste even sweeter knowing this family owned business takes the environment seriously. Using only recyclable and biodegradable cups and spoons, this sweet spot has put in conscious efforts to keep things sustainable, including sourcing local ingredients whenever possible and offering an array of vegan and gluten-free options.

To sum it up – I really missed enjoying these types of experiences with others. Understandably, there has been so much hesitation and second guessing around outings and touring about, that I forgot what these simple enjoyments felt like. This was a perfect spring day on the Reno Riverwalk. Now, it’s your turn to explore and plan your getaway to Reno.

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